Nourish the skin's microbiome to restore your natural beauty.

The skin's surface is covered by a rich community of micro-organisms known as the microbiome. These micro-organisms play a vital role in maintaining skin health, nourishing and protecting your skin over time.

We all know the expression you are what you eat. Recent scientific studies suggest this is more than just an expression, demonstrating clear links between gut and skin microbiome health. Nourish your gut and skin microbiome with the right combination of nutrients and enjoy the benefits of boosting skin health, leaving you looking and feeling your best for longer.

At Beauty & Vitality we believe great skincare is a two-sided proposition: improve gut and skin health from the inside with skin-loving probiotics & nutrients and boost skin health from the outside with pre & probiotic infused moisturisers.


That's why we created the new Beauty & Vitality skincare range, delivering nutrient rich probiotic supplements with complimentary pre & probiotic infused moisturisers.


This powerful combination aims to improve your gut & skin health, leaving you looking and feeling your best.

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Beauty & Vitality comes in two product ranges:

to help counter the signs of ageing and the (peri)menopause;

to help counter breakouts and acne.

The Science in more detail

Skin is the body's first barrier and largest living organ. The outer layers (epidermis and dermis) are covered by a protecting and hydrating biofilm known as the microbiome; home to millions of micro-organisms that live, protect & nourish the skin.

The delicate balance of the microbiome is under constant attack from diet, lifestyle, alcohol, stress, preservatives in make-up, even our sleep position. These, combined with adverse environmental factors such as excessive sun/UV exposure, domestic chemicals and cleaning products, leave the microbiome constantly adjusting to maintain a healthy balance.  

Over time our skin and its microbiome change as the effects of ageing take hold. In youth skin tends to be at its best: bright, glowing and with high levels of natural oil production, leaving it sometimes prone to breakouts and blemishes. As we age the epidermis thins, collagen levels decline and elastic fibres that allow our skin to stretch start to degrade; the sebaceous glands produce less oil, leaving our skin feeling dry, rough leading to the appearance of fine lines and jowls. Add to this the effects of hormone changes such as the menopause which can further affect our skin and accelerate the signs of ageing.

Recent research studies have identified a strong link between gut health, skin health, the ageing process and the health of the microbiome suggesting that improvements in the skin's microbiome can improve the look and feel of our skin and reduce the signs of ageing.


Feeding the microbiome

Have you ever heard of washing your face in Kefir? Or using sauerkraut as a facemask? It might sound weird but believe it or not, there is a whole host of research behind probiotic skincare. Fortunately for us we now have modern science and technology which allows us to improve the microbiome of the skin without taking a bath in kombucha!

Scientific research has identified a strong link between gut, skin and brain health, known as the gut-skin-brain axis. The gut has trillions of living organisms - mainly bacteria and yeasts. These organisms and our health have a mutually beneficial relationship when the balance is right (see The Link Between Gut Health & Immunity for more on this subject) but when the balance is wrong our immunity, general health and skin health suffer.

The skin also hosts trillions of bacteria and other forms of microbiota. Research into these bacteria is on-going but scientists now know that the balance of bacteria on the skin has a profound effect on the skin's health and condition. The mix of bacteria and yeasts on the skin is a direct result of the bacteria in the gut. So maintain a healthy gut to maintain healthy glowing skin.


What do friendly bacteria do?

There are literally thousands of different species of bacteria in the gut and on the skin. Some of the most beneficial and most researched include the Lactobacilli species, Acidophilus, Casei, Plantarum and Rhamnosus. These all belong to a family of rod-shaped bacteria which produce many beneficial effects on the skin with the following actions:

  • Decrease inflammation and improve skin immunity - Fatty acids are substances not often found in the diet but play an essential role in the body. Lactobacillus bacteria produce a high level of short-chain fatty acids. In the gut, short-chain fatty acids are nourishing. Short-chain fatty acids get absorbed and reach the liver where they support the removal of toxins from the body, helping you to glow. On the skin, short-chain fatty acids regulate skin immunity and decrease inflammation helping to prevent and improve inflammatory skin conditions, as well as nourishing skin cells so they can glow [i].
  • May reduce acne outbreaks – Having plentiful probiotics on the skin creates a crowding effect, leaving little to no room for acne-causing bacteria. Probiotics also produce antibacterial peptides to fight against pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics have a beneficial anti-inflammatory effect, further preventing acne [ii].
  • Helps to protect against phyto ageing – An out-of-whack skin pH can contribute to increased skin ageing and sun damage. Having a healthy balance of probiotics on the skin may correct the pH balance and help to protect against phyto-ageing [iii].
  • May improve atopic dermatitis and rosacea – Having the correct balance of bacteria in the gut has a positive effect on the function of the immune system and may help to improve dermatitis and rosacea. These conditions are inflammatory conditions of the skin, so the anti-inflammatory actions of some types of bacteria may be beneficial [iv].


Which bacteria do what?

  • L. Acidophilus - having enough Lactobacillus Acidophilus in the gut aids with protection against acne, increases hydration, and regulates collagen synthesis [v].
  • L. Rhamnosus – having sufficient Lactobacillus Rhamnosus in the gut helps improve the skin's barrier function. [vi].
  • L. Plantarum – having sufficient Lactobacillus Plantarum available in the gut reduces inflammation, has anti-wrinkle properties, is hydrating and improves skin elasticity [vii].
  • L. Casei – having enough Lactobacillus Casei in the gut can improve the skin's barrier fucntion and help counter skin conditions that cause flakiness [viii].


Building new skincare formulations

These insights combined with further scientific research confirm microbiome health can be improved through topical applications and ingestion of pre & probiotics which in combination have the capacity to optimise, maintain, even restore the skin's microbiome by boosting good bacteria and minimising the bad.

Additional studies reveal the positive effects probiotics have on slowing the signs of skin ageing and how they can restore acidic skin pH, alleviate oxidative stress, reduce photo-ageing, improve the skin barrier function and enhance hair quality [ix]. Other studies suggest there may be beneficial treatments for Acne and Atopic Dermatitis and that when the gut and skin microbiome ecosystems are out of balance, this can lead to infections and skin conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea [x].

Skincare products with the right combination of pre & probiotics, taken both orally and when applied directly to the skin can help to restore microbiome balance and consequently help reduce acne, dry skin, even slow the signs of ageing. Probiotics feed healthy bacteria to balance the skin's pH and protect against free radical damange. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria that help balance the skin's pH and support the skin's barrier function and therefore help boost healthy bacteria. Pairing and applying a prebiotic and probiotic is a more efficient way to achieve microbiome balance [xi]. Probiotics taken orally help create a healthy gut, reducing toxicity in the blood stream and so improving the absorption of important minerals, vitamins and nutrients that help the body rid itself of the waste that causes inflammation.

Together these scientific research insights encouraged the Beauty & Vitality team to develop new skincare formulations that have resulted in the UK's only dual product kits that deliver skincare inside and out. As the research suggests, our skin's needs change over time which is why Beauty & Vitality comes in 2 variants:


  • Beauty & Vitality Flawless Skincare: a moisturiser and supplement combination formulated to deliver balanced care to help counter breakouts and acne; nourishing the microbiome to counter everyday pathogens, optimising moisture levels, improving immunity leaving your skin feeling softer, naturally clear and flawess.
  • Beauty & Vitality Radiant Skincare: a moisturiser and supplement combination designed to help slow the signs of ageing and counter the effects of hormone changes including the menopause. Together this probiotic skincare solution helps rebalance and protect the skin's microbiome which in turn helps restore dull and lifeless skin leaving you looking and feeling your best.

Both variants include other skin loving nutrients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and much more. All products are vegan friendly, manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK and delivered in packaging that can be kerb-side recycled.

Beauty & Vitality - the new microbiome pre & probiotic dual product skincare kit - helping you restore gut and skin health so you can look and feel your best.