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  • "I love the way the moisturiser and the tablets have worked wonders for me."

    Jenny Pooley

  • "I like the combo, makes me feel like it’s an easy way to feel better. Plus I’d be put off my my usual moisturiser smell. I really like the B&V smell. All good!"

    Rachel Board

  • "I love the cream. It is the best I have ever used. I love the smell, the texture, feel and ease of use. I love it!"

    Rebecca McKenzie

  • "I love the product - my skin feels great! I have forgotten the supplement a couple of times but really pleased with the overall effects."

    Tarnya Sellwood

  • "My skin is softer and I can see some improvement in tone. I like the way the moisturiser soaks in so fast and I love the smell of it. "

    Alison Walton

  • "My skin has never looked so good. I haven't felt like I have had to wear makeup while using it which is lovely. I have also had loads for complimets about my skin. My hair also feels so much better 😃"

    Kelly Wray

  • "Yes, I would definitely continue with both. My skin feels smoother and my nails and hair have also benefited from the capsules."

    Steph Chapman

  • "I’d like to continue with both (which is huge as I have used Clarins for 30 years!) 😊"

    Sarah Holdsworth

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"simply loving this moisturiser and I'm feeling fab!"