Can we eat ourselves younger?!

Can we eat ourselves younger?!

No, we cant eat yourself younger but we can slow the signs of ageing by: 1) boosting gut health – there’s a strong link between gut & skin health; 2) reducing inflammation – this can reduce skin conditions and irritations; 3) detox – help the body to detox, to remove toxins that can cause pre-mature wrinkling; and 4) make sure you’re feeding your body the right nutrients.

Can we actually eat ourselves younger? Oh how we wish the answer was yes! But the answer is not no! “You are what you eat” is an age-old adage within which there lies certain truths, the key points are captured below.

There are 4 factors to consider regards helping slow the signs of ageing:

1. Gut Health

Recent research suggests a strong link between the gut-brain-skin axis. A healthy balanced microbiome in the gut bolsters mental health and is reflected in skin health. So, keeping the right balance of micro-organisms, collectively referred to as the microbiome, in our gut and our skin is key to maintaining a naturally healthy-looking glow. There are barriers to achieving this that include:

- Gut conditions such as coeliac disease or colitis which may damage the lining of your gut wall reducing the guts effectiveness at sharing the right nutrients around the body. Gut conditions such as colitis would benefit from talking to a nutritionist or dietician in person, who can prescribe specialist diets / supplements to support your gut and improve nutrient absorption.

- Pathogens or bacteria in your gut that may be counterproductive towards your gut, robbing your body of the vital nutrients it needs to support overall health as well as skin health. One solution is to add more garlic or ginger to your diet as these are disliked by pathogens.

- A hydrochloric acid deficiency or digestive enzyme deficiency, reducing your gut’s ability to fully absorb the nutrients it needs. Try eating watercress or rocket before meals to stimulate the release of digestive juices.

- Leaky Gut Syndrome refers to when the gut wall has been damaged and thins so much that it leaks food particles, bacterial toxins and germs into the bloodstream which in turn stimulates the immune response resulting in inflammation. Leaky gut can be caused by stress, pregnancy, pathogens or the gut conditions mentioned above, or you may have a food intolerance. Consuming bone broths or L-Glutamine may help.

2. Reduce inflammation in the body

Inflammation in the body can be reflected as eczema or skin rashes or irritation of the skin. To counter this, you can

- Try an anti-inflammatory diet, high in vegetables (at 7 a day) including at least 2/3 that are green. Inflammation is a systemic problem, so a strict diet should start to show results on your skin in a few months.

- Boost the balance of good bacteria in your gut – take a probiotic infused multi-nutrient to help your gut better regulate your immune system which in turn will reduce inflammation.

- Include Omega-3 in your diet which is a vital ingredient the body needs to make anti-inflammatory hormones. These can be in the form of a fish oil or the more vegan friendly walnuts, chia and flax seeds (actual or in supplement form).

3. Detox

Allowing the body to detox is vital to slow the signs of ageing. Ordinarily the body has efficient processes of dealing with everyday toxins through the blood stream and out through our skin.   However, if for lifestyle reasons, age or illness, the body cannot do this, it may result in a build-up of toxins that can cause ageing and premature wrinkling. To counter this:

- The liver removes toxins from blood so reducing toxicity can help significantly. Try switching everything you put in your body or on your body to chemical free or organic

- Have a bowel movement ideally twice a day, to remove the toxins from your body. If you’re struggling to do this, increase the fibre in your diet by adding more vegetables, fruits and whole grains to your diet, as well as a fibre supplement.

- Exercise frequently to increase the amount you sweat. This speeds-up blood flow to your liver and improves detoxification.

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4. Make sure you're getting the right nutrients

The following nutrients are key to maintaining a youthful natural beauty:

- Amino Acids through protein help with collagen production, to improve elasticity and reduce wrinkling. Add more protein to your diet or consider a protein shake.

- Fats are essential for skin hydration and elasticity, especially those delivered through Omega-3. Use a good fish oil and check the results after 3-months.

- Targeted Vitamins & Minerals: specifically vitamins A,C,E and B, zinc, copper and selenium. All of these nutrients and more are present in Beauty & Vitality’s skin focused microbiome boosting Multi-Nutrient.

- Plant antioxidants – essential to help skin detoxify itself of free radicals and may help with the ageing process. Eat more green leafy vegetables and dark-coloured fruits.


So, whilst we cannot promise to help you eat yourselves younger, you can help your skin by giving it the best possible chance to be as naturally beautiful as it can be. Feed your skin’s microbiome, give it the best possible environment to counter any unwanted pathogens, by improving gut health, reducing toxin intake, detox and improve nutrient intake. And if, like many people, your lifestyle is such that you struggle to get the right intake of nutrients, look for a good skincare supplement & probiotic mix such as Beauty & Vitality's Multi-Nutrient capsules, so you can get the glow inside & out.


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