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New research highlights the link between gut and skin microbiome health (the hydrating biofilm that nourishes and protects our skin) and how the right probiotics & nutrients can restore, rebalance and improve the microbiome.   

At Beauty & Vitality we have taken these research insights to create a unique combination of pre & probiotics combined with skin-loving nutrients expertly formulated to nourish and strengthen your skin's microbiome. 

These products are expertly manufactured here in the UK, are Vegan Friendly, and delivered in the UK's only dual product skincare kit combining a multi-nutrient capsule with moisturiser making it easier to get the glow inside and out. 

Formulated from the latest scientific research

Microbiome health can be improved through topical applications and ingestion of pre and probiotics which in combination have the capacity to optimise, maintain, even restore the skin’s microbiome, by boosting the good bacteria and minimising the bad.  One study reveals the positive effects probiotics have on slowing the signs of skin ageing, and how they can restore acidic skin pH, alleviate oxidative stress, reduce photoaging, improve the skin barrier function, and enhance hair quality[2].  Other studies suggest there may be beneficial treatments for Acne and Atopic Dermatitis (AD).  Further studies[4] have concluded when the gut and skin’s microbiome ecosystem is out of balance, this can lead to infections and skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea. 

Skincare products, with prebiotics and probiotics, taken both orally and when applied directly to the skin help to restore microbiome balance which can help reduce eczema, acne, dry skin, even wrinkles and skin aging.  Probiotics feed healthy bacteria to balance the skin’s pH and protect against free radical damage.  Prebiotics feed the good bacteria that help balance the skin’s pH and support the skin’s barrier function boosting healthy bacteria.  Applying a prebiotic and probiotic directly to the skin is an effective boost for the microbiome and can work more efficiently when paired together. [5]    Probiotics taken orally help create a healthy gut, reducing toxicity in the blood stream and so improving the absorption of important minerals, vitamins and nutrients that help the body’s ability to rid itself of waste that causes inflammation.

These research insights encouraged the Beauty&Vitality team to develop new skincare ranges that have culminated in the innovation that is the UK's only dual product kit that delivers skincare inside and out, as the following video explains:

As the research identifies, our skin's needs change over time.  That's why Beauty & Vitality comes in 2 variants:

  • Beauty & Vitality Flawless Skincare: a moisturiser and supplement combination designed to deliver balanced care to help counter breakouts and acne; nourishing the microbiome to counter everyday pathogens, optimising moisture levels, improving immunity, leaving your skin feeling softer, naturally clear and flawless.
  • Beauty & Vitality Radiant Skincare: a moisturiser and supplement combination designed to help counter the effects of the menopause and slow the signs of ageing; rebalance and protect your skin’s microbiome to help restore dull and lifeless skin for a more radiant complexion.
Made in Britain and Vegan Friendly logos

      We are proud to confirm all Beauty & Vitality products are manufactured here in the UK by award winning manufacturers and all products are Vegan friendly.


      So at Beauty & Vitality we believe we have a unique winning proposition for your skin - the UK's only dual product skincare combination that delivers skincare inside and out - a combination that your skin will thank you for later!  But don't just take our word for it, have a listen to what Anne has to say (please excuse the knocking sound!)


      Beauty & Vitality’s skin creams and supplements protect, rehydrate and rebalance the microbiome, purifying the bad bacteria and strengthening the good. 

      Beauty & Vitality – the new holistic approach to skincare giving you the glow inside out.




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