Radiant Skincare

Beauty&Vitality Radiant Skincare Range has been formulated to help nourish the microbiome, the hydrating bio-film that covers our skin, to counter the effects of the menopause and other hormone related skin conditions. 

Combining the latest in dermatological science with nutrition expertise, the B&V team designed two products to help boost microbiome health inside and out - a probiotic infused multi-nutrient capsule and a pre & probiotic enhanced moisturiser.  Together these products deliver the right nutrients to your skin to help counter the effects of the menopause and slow the signs of ageing so you can get the glow inside and out.

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Welcome to Beauty & Vitality Skincare

Thank you for your interest in Beauty & Vitality. At Beauty & Vitality, we believe that skincare begins with the microbiome, the essential hydrating biofilm that nurtures and safeguards our skin. Our approach to skincare involves supporting the microbiome from within with a comprehensive multi-nutrient regimen, while also providing external nourishment through our moisturisers.

What is the microbiome?

The skin serves as the body's primary defence and is its largest living organ. Its outer layer is enveloped by a protective and hydrating biofilm known as the microbiome, home to micro-organisms that play a vital role in nourishing our skin. This delicate balance of the microbiome faces ongoing challenges from factors such as dietary choices, lifestyle, makeup preservatives, environmental pollution, excessive UV exposure, and even cleaning products. All of these elements result in the microbiome constantly adjusting to maintain a healthy equilibrium. During menopause, hormonal changes significantly impact a woman's skin, and the microbiome plays a crucial role in this process. Decreased oestrogen levels can alter the skin's microbiome, reducing its diversity and affecting skin hydration, elasticity, and thickness. This hormonal shift can lead to dryness, increased sensitivity, and a higher susceptibility to inflammation and wrinkles. A balanced skin microbiome supports the skin's barrier function, helping to maintain moisture and protect against pathogens. Nurturing a healthy microbiome is essential for mitigating menopausal skin changes, promoting skin health and resilience during this transitional period.

Why is caring about the microbiome important?

Recent studies indicate that improving microbiome health can have a positive impact on the appearance and texture of our skin, as well as contribute to slowing down the signs of ageing. Achieving these benefits can be accomplished through the appropriate blends of prebiotics, probiotics, and other nourishing nutrients that enhance the population of beneficial bacteria. This, in turn, strengthens the microbiome's innate defence mechanisms and immune response while effectively eliminating harmful pathogens.

Why Beauty & Vitality?

Here at Beauty & Vitality, we incorporate the most recent advancements in science-backed ingredients in nutrition and dermatology. This approach has allowed us to create an exclusive skincare kit consisting of two complementary products that are specifically designed to nurture and enhance your skin's microbiome from the outside in. Our dual-product kits consist of probiotic-fortified multi-nutrient capsules, paired with a moisturiser infused with prebiotics and probiotics. This powerful combination ensures the delivery of essential nutrients to nourish your microbiome inside and out. We are also proud to confirm all Beauty & Vitality products are manufactured here in the UK and all products are Vegan friendly.

Beauty&Vitality Radiant Skincare Range

Our Radiant Skincare selection has been formulated to counter the effects of peri-menopause and menopause on the skin.

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Radiant Multi-Nutrient & Moisturiser Skincare Kit

The Moisturiser combines prebiotics with a breakthrough probiotic that soothe the skin from the outside, hydrates, and boost defences. Other nutrients, including a rich antioxidant, Vitamin A, C & E, Red Clover and Clary Sage, help counter the effects of the menopause, soothe inflammation, balance oil production and further strengthen defences.

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Radiant Skincare Moisturiser (50ml)

The Multi-Nutrient boosts your body’s natural restoration processes and microbiome pathways from the inside. It combines skin-loving Probiotics with Red Clover, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, D, Biotin, Vitamin E, Copper, Selenium and more. Together these nutrients help build and sustain collagen structures, energise the skin’s renewal processes, improve plumpness and hydration to help counter the effects of the menopause and slow the signs of ageing.

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Radiant Skincare Multi-Nutrient (60 tablets) END OF LINE SALE

Together they stimulate the body’s antioxidant processes, moisturise and condition, helping to restore fragile skin, countering the effects of the menopause and smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling radiant and hydrated. Beauty & Vitality Radiant Skincare - the unique dual product skincare kit so you can get the glow inside and out.

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